Offshore Medicals Direct

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Current Price List
Oil & Gas UK Medical (Oil & Gas UK certificates now valid for Norwegian sector) 125
Oil & Gas UK ERT Medical 175
ERT Annual Fitness Test 50
Oil & Gas Overseas Medical 125
Oil & Gas Overseas Medical (Including vaccination consult) 150
LGV (HGV) Medical 125
PCV (PSV) Medical 125
Taxi Medical (Group 2 Standard) 125
Company Specific Medical P.O.A.
Fitness to Return to Work Assessment 50
Drug Screening (Non-Evidential / Evidential)
Non-Evidential Alcohol Screen 20
Non-Evidential Drug Screen 45
Non-Evidential Drug and Alcohol Screen 60
Evidential Drug and Alcohol Screen 125
Additional Services
Audiometry 30
Spirometry 30
12 Lead ECG 30
Private Antimalarial Prescription 20
Laboratory Services
Full Blood Count (FBC) 20
Blood Group 20
Renal Function Tests (U&E's) 20
Liver Function Function Tests (LFT's) 25
Thyroid Function Function Tests (TFT's) 27
Lipd Profile 27
Biochemistry Profile (Short) (Renal Function, Liver Function and Lipid Profile) 35
Biochemistry Profile (Full) (Renal Function, Liver Function, Thyroid Function and Lipid Profile) 60
Full Blood Count & Biochemistry (Short) (FBC, U&E's, LFT's & Lipid Profile) 50
Full Blood Count & Biochemistry (Full) (FBC, U&E's, LFT's, TFT's & Lipid Profile) 75
Quantiferon Gold (Latent TB Test) 135
HIV Test (HIV I & II and P24 antigen) 35
Hepatitis B Screen (Hepatitis B antigen) 20
Hepatitis C Screen (Hepatitis C Antibodies) 35
Confirmation of Hepatitis A Immunity (Hepatitis A IgG or IgM) 35
Confirmation of Hepatitis B Immunity (Hepatitis B Antibody Titre Level) 20